Lajos has a Teacher of Physical Education BA degree and an International Sports Sciences Association certification.

His areas of expertise are: Power Lifting, Body Building, Strength and Flexibility, Nutrition Advisor and Grip and Form Specialist.

As a trainer, Lajos' overall goal is to create a healthier lifestyle for his clients.

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Lajos is developing his own unique lean mass gain and weight loss product.


Diet Plan


Lajos offers a unique diet plan for 8 weeks period. It can be extended based on your personal info.


Factors: Goal orientation (weight loss, lean mass gain, tone up..etc)


Foundation from your own unique metabolic type background and blood type.


Workout Plan


Lajos offers 8 weeks period workout plan which can be extended based on your own unique info.
It works best with the diet plan.
Factors: Your background of fitness, current level and neurological connection in  your body,cardio vascular system,injuries....history in your family.
Foundations: Create a smarter body system...power lifting, joint and ligaments strength level also preparation for different type of sport challengies

Success story


" Thank you Lajos Konya for helping me  finish in 7th place at the Ms. Bikini Universe and Ms. Model Universe 2008. I have been modeling since I was 18 years old and always worked out, but Lajos diet and work out plan definitely was one of my best experience and challenge in my life. As a 35 years old I never looked better and feel great like now ! "

Timea Molnar
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